Company Profile

Zigong Giant Lantern Cultural Art Co., Ltd. is a professional lantern operator with an international management and design team. The company is dedicated to lantern cultural art exhibitions and culture exchanges. It is a powerful company that integrates design,production,large-scale lantern exhibitions,lantern floats and boats, art landscapes, light festivals, simulated dinosaurs, celebration decorations, stage backgrounds, ice lanterns, and art displays.

The company's main business covers domestic and international markets, with operations in LA, Chicago, Washington, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Philippines, South Korea, Singapore, Inner Mongolia, Shanghai, Beijing, Fujian, and other places. The company has established a lantern culture production base in Dallas, serving the festive lantern decorations in major markets in Europe and America. It holds a significant position in the domestic lantern lighting market in the United States and has received wide acclaim and recognition. Its partners include five-star hotels,fairs, and mainstream media organizations.

Relying on the advanced management and profound cultural heritage of its headquarter, Zigong Giant Lantern Cultural Art Co., Ltd. is closely cooperating with government agencies and large cultural companies to build the international lantern culture brand "Lantern Giant". After more than a decade of accumulation and unremitting efforts, it has achieved certain results in the European and American markets and gained widespread praise from all sectors of society. It has successfully held more than 70 large-scale themed lantern exhibitions home and abroad. 

Zigong Giant Lantern Cultural Art Co., Ltd. adheres to the use of corporate culture to enhance its core competitiveness and establish a good social image during its development. The pursuit of endless progress guides us as we move forward together to create an even brighter future.

Why choose us


Our custom realistic dinosaurs are developed in our factory which helps us reduce cost and increase delivery of quality finished products.
Our experienced engineers and technicians will make your idea a reality.
Quality control department and manufacturing department work closely to ensure your products are of high-quality.
From the initial design to after-sales, we offer all-round service and support your every step.