Lantern Company Discusses the Technological Differences in the Production of Spring Festival Flower Lanterns

2023/08/16 70 Comments Giant

Lantern Company: The production process of Spring Festival lanterns is diverse, and influenced by geography and civilization, they present different types and styles, but the basic craftsmanship is roughly the same. Zigong Lantern Company is here to tell you about the differences in craftsmanship between ancient and modern festival lanterns.

(1) In the past, bamboo was placed in a steaming room (or heated for half an hour), then taken out and steamed in the dark, but not too stuffy or exposed to strong light. Now: Depending on the shape of the lantern, choosing different models of iron wire to make the skeleton is much simpler than using bamboo.

(2) In the past: it was necessary to remove the rough skin of bamboo. Now: Just spray anti rust paint on the brazed skeleton in one go, greatly improving the service life of the skeleton.

(3) In the past, the required cutting width of bamboo depended on the lantern. Now: Just choose different types of iron wires according to the size of the skeleton, and the selection of materials becomes simpler.

(4) In the past, the position of lamps was fixed using a systematic approach. Now: The searchlights used at the lantern festival have long been phased out by customized LED light couplets, and the use of light couplets further enhances the efficiency of making colored lights.

(5) Pasting, first stick linen cloth on the bamboo frame, Then paste another layer of light paper If there is no glossy paper, use cotton paper to stick hemp cloth. First, evenly brush the diluted paste onto the frame, and then stick the cut gauze back together. It should be noted that the adhesive brush should be clean, otherwise the surface of the lamp will be very dirty. At the same time, it is also necessary to stick the paper so that no seams can be seen before it is considered good. Now, the pasting is done with colored cloth or silk cloth, and use adhesive tape of a brand that is firmly adhered to directly stick different colors of silk cloth to the iron wire bone On the shelf, the operation is becoming increasingly simple.

(6) Place the lamp in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Now: This step has already been lost in the manufacturing process.

(7) Painting, sketching various characters on linen, flowers, birds, insects, fish, mountains, rivers, etc. Now: Similar to before, many patterns of craft lanterns are drawn by hand.

(8) After drawing, decide whether to write or not according to the situation. Once the words and drawings are completely dry, the lamp will be made. Now: After the drawing is completed, it can be used directly without the need for drying process.

Lantern  The manufacturing of various festival customs and colored lanterns has flourished in nearly a thousand years of history, creating many glorious times. Many cities in China have their own lantern brands, so what is the future development direction of this profession?

The development of customized furniture manufacturing industry in the future should be based on self-awareness in design innovation, manufacturing innovation, technological innovation, and conceptual innovation, and combined with modern technology to create unique furniture. This is the direction of the future development of the lantern manufacturing industry.

Actively going abroad and guided by the New Deal, customized lighting fixtures have become one of the "Chinese Folk Culture Boutique Activities held overseas by the Tourism Bureau". In future development, actively going abroad is also a good choice.

Standardized production, Zigong Lantern Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on customized Spring Festival lanterns, and achieving standardization is the future development direction. Establish and improve industry standardization construction based on industry characteristics